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Homemade Body Butter Too Oily


I made a really nice body butter out of cocoa butter, almond oil, coconut oil, and a little shea butter.

However, the instant I put it on my body it melts and feels very oily. I added some cornstarch but it hasn't helped much. How do I prevent a body butter from having a very oily feeling?

Thank you!


Body butter often tends to feel oily on the skin. Try using only the smallest amount and rubbing it in until it's absorbed into your skin.

You might find you prefer making lotion to body butter for future recipes - lotion is often less greasy than body butter. Use grapeseed oil - it's very light and easily absorbed into the skin.

I hope that helps!

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Horrible body butter NEW
by: Anonymous

I made my own body butter using half cup Shea butter ,quarter cups olive and coconut oil. The result being its very greasy and the oil separates. How can I correct this. Should I whip it again and add more Shea butter? I live in a tropical climate

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by: Anonymous

Hi there,
I am very new to this amazing aromatherapy story having only made the face moisturizer which is absolutely amazing.
BUT I have been trying to find a recipe or recipes for hand creams for very dry skin, and I have been unable to find any.
Would anyone be able to help me by either directing me to somewhere that I can find a recipe or by offering me some much needed advice.
Many thanks.

always told it greasy no matter how little I use. NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi I've been adding half a cup of cocnut In one Cup of shea butter butter found and told greasy . But then I tried only 3 table spoon of oil in one Cup of shea butter, still told it was greasy, as I want to still these I don't want people to hate them.

Use less liquid oil NEW
by: Chaz

I have noticed that in many recipes they suggest equal parts of butters and oils. I always put half the amount of oil, so if I use one cup of say shea butter then I combine it with 1/2 cup of jojoba oil. Sometimes it depends on the liquid oil, some are thicker than others. Play around with proportions. But no matter what body butters are oily, its the nature of the ingredients being used. But you need to use less of it than say lotion and it absorbs fairly quickly, especially if you do it after a shower.

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