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Homemade Antiaging Moisturizer Recipes

Q: I have mature skin, and currently living in rainy U.K. but going to a very hot dry desert climate. I want to make up a moisturizer and night creme that will plump up my skin and retain moisture for several hours (as in all day or overnight).

So far the blends I have made up are just greasy, and once absorbed into my skin for a half hour and then blotted, my skin seems very dry in comparison to after using commercial brands with all of their additives (which I want to get away from).

Can anyone recommend how I can get water and moisturizing to stay in my skin, with recipes that will last for a couple of months when blended. I would like to achieve the plumped up look, but so far the only way I can do it is by putting commercial products on my face after I blot the excess oils off. Which to my mind defeats the purpose.

I have ordered jojoba which I hope might be more lasting than the sweet almond I have been using, but am unsure if, being waxy, it will help with retaining moisture. I have also bought but not yet used carrot seed oil, pomegranate, camellia and rosehip. I have been using rose absolute, ylang ylang, frankincense, myrrh and lavender in the initial blend.

I am also concerned with the UVA factor of using these oils on my face, so if anyone knows about that, that would be great. Also, I am unsure as to the effects of borax and beeswax on the skin. All advice gratefully received as to how to proceed.

I qualified as a practitioner several years ago in aromatherapy massage, but I can't quite get my head around the beauty aspects, so all help most gratefully taken. Thank you so much!

A: Wow, lots of questions here! I would definitely say try jojoba oil instead of sweet almond because jojoba is closest in structure to the oil produced by human skin. I find almond oil makes my skin greasy and doesn't absorb well.

Try adding vegetable glycerin to your recipes - it's a humectant, which means it attracts moisture to your skin. Here's a moisturizer recipe with glycerin, which you might adapt to your recipe.

If you mist your face with toner before using moisturizer, you'll get better results because the moisturizer will lock the moisture from the toner into your skin.

The oils you referenced have no UVA/UVB protection. You could add some zinc to give your recipe some SPF. Here's a sunscreen recipe you can adapt.

Beeswax is fine to use on skin, borax not so much.

Poke around on the site or use the search box to find recipes for dry skin. They should give you some ideas! Good luck :)

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