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Home Remedies for Ingrown Facial Hair

by Lisa Miller
(Titusville, FL)

Q: Hi, I'm looking for a solution to my husband's pulling ingrown hairs from his face after he's just shaved.

Ingrown hairs happen when the shaved hair gets trapped inside the follicle or grows back into the skin. It can be painful and cause scarring. Poor guy! Here's some ideas for helping reduce his discomfort...

Use shaving cream for sensitive skin, and don't use any that say they're for acne. You're looking for the most gentle, non-drying formula you can find. Make sure it doesn't have any alcohol in it because that dries out the skin and closes pores. has a couple of good shaving gels and treatments for ingrown hair you can check out.

Use a gentle facial scrub every day to loosen ingrown hairs and keep hair follicles clear so the hairs can get to the surface of the skin. Try making this homemade facial scrub but leave out the rose petals. The essential oils will help his skin, and they won't smell too girly. If he won't use one that needs to be mixed every day, try this jojoba facial scrub from Just Naturals. Awesome!

Shaving too closely causes ingrown hairs, and pulling the ingrown hair out with your fingers only makes it re-gorw deeper. Your husband can use tweezers to pull out any ingrown hairs, and he should use a good moisturizer every morning and night.

He needs to be gentle and kind to his face :) I hope that helps - good luck!

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Ingrown facial hair NEW
by: Lisa

HI I would like to thank whoever it is who helped me with my husbands problem! I will surely give it a try on him! thanks a bunch! don't know what id do without this site! Lisa

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