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Holes in candle

by Debbie

I am trying to learn how to make soy candles. Our 4th try lead to the same problem. Holes near wick. We have tried pouring at temps from 145 to as low as 130. We have heated jars and poured in to jars at room temp. We have put less color/scent in. We have tried just about everything I can find online for this. Today I made 9 candles. I used 6.5 oz classic jars. I heated jar just before pouring with a hair dryer. I use Natural C-3 wax. All my supplies come from Lonestar Candles. I heated to 180, take off heat add scent and stir, add color, wait for temp to drop to 130. Stir and pour slowly into jar. Today 1 out of 9 did great. I had 3 with unsmooth tops, 2 that had sunk a little in middle, and the rest had small hole near wick. I used a hair dryer on 8 of them. The ones with the small holes when melting showed that the hole was bigger underneath. So if I didn't melt the wax how would the candle have burned? Would it be ok and fill the hole as it burned or would it cave in? How can I even think about selling candles if I don't know whats under the wax. Do I melt the tops of every one I make? I have found a craft I love, but I feel so frustrated that I am having this problem and can't fix it. Please help. Debbie

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Filling holes in homemade candles NEW
by: Kyley

Just re-melt a little more wax and pour it into the hole. Don't go above the original fill line or it'll show up in your finished candle.

Good luck!

sink holes NEW
by: AnonymousVicki

I pour at 140 degrees. I stir the wax slowly before I pour and pour into my jars very very slowly. before I pour I heat my jars with a heat gun. After I pour I wrap my 20 oz jar in a warm towel and clothes pin it together. It took several tries but this has made me beautiful smooth candles with no sink holes

Hole aound my wick NEW
by: Victoria

I am having the same problem I get a hole around the wick I have used a hair dryer different temperature but still get the same result can someone give me some advise help ?

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