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Hibiscus Petal Powder Natural Hair Dye

by katia
(new orleans,la usa)

Hello, I read somewhere that hibiscus petal powder can be used to color my hair a nice burgundy color.

Since I only use natural products on my hair such as henna for color, I was wondering if it's true about the hibiscus. If it is, could you please instruct me on how to apply it to my hair.


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At Kyley NEW
by: Anonymous

Is this hair rinse or hair dye?

Hibiscus hair dye NEW
by: Anonymous

I have dyed my hair with hibiscus petals and calendula petals for 4 days (maybe 3) And ny hair has turned more redish so if you dont want to damage your hair you should use a natural hair dye ;)

Hibiscus dye
by: elissa

Thanks for the quick response! We actually tried the hibiscus/calendula before we got your note and (surprise surprise) it didn't change her hair color.... She's not particularly sensitive, but I got freaked out reading the ingredients to the spray on/wash out hair dye my husband got for this costume. the braids look great-- maybe she'll just have to be a blonde pippi!

Natural Red Hair Dye
by: Kyley

Hi Elissa,

If your daughter is looking for the shocking carroty red hair of Pippi Longstocking, I don't think she can get that in a natural dye. Certainly not one that will wash out in a hurry.

The thing about natural hair colors is that they really just enhance what you already have, in a subtle way. And with herbal rinses like the hibiscus, you have to do it repeatedly over time to see knock-out results.

I'd suggest henna, which is a natural product that gives a beautiful red color, especially if you add half a lemon to the mix, but it does NOT wash out. You're looking at 1 to 3 months before the color is gone.

So if she's not allergic or especially sensitive to chemicals, I'd say just go with one of those cans of garish one-time color. Or a wig.

Hope that answers your question, and I hope your daughter has a great time being Pippi!

does hibiscus die come out easily?
by: elissa

our daughter wants red hair to be pippi longstocking for halloween. what is the best natural way to do this that will come out pretty easily? (she's blonde) Thanks!

by: kate

thanks for the idea katia...

Hibiscus Hair Rinse for Red Hair
by: Kyley

Hi Katia,

Sorry it took me so long. I lost this thread in all the busy-ness... Here's a recipe for a herbal hair rinse for red hair:

Combine 2 cups (500ml) distilled water with 5 tablespoons each dried Hibiscus and Calendula flowers in a pot and bring to a boil on the stove. (Or just use 10 tablespoons hibiscus.)

Remove from the heat and let steep for 1 to 3 hours.

Strain out the herbs and pour into a large dark glass or PET plastic bottle.

Add 2 tablespoons Apple Cider Vinegar.

To use, pour it over your hair after conditioning, massage it gently into your scalp and then rinse. (Don't get it in your eyes - it stings!)

I hope that answers your question, Katia, and thanks for asking. Good luck!

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