Sunshine Happiness Aromatherapy Bath Oil

Lighten up with the sweet citrus scent of bergamot and orange essential oils

This is my all-time favorite aromatherapy bath oil recipe. It's terrific for relieving crankiness, misery and tiredness. My sister uses it on her three squabbling daughters - it really works!

Its mood-lifting citrus scent lightens your crabby mood while relaxing your edgy, buzzing nerves. You emerge from the bath calm, happy and refreshed so you can happily fall asleep or go do some more stuff. Try it!

Side note: This aromatherapy bath recipe is one of the best bath products you can make when you're using aromatherapy for depression. (It's also good for PMS and menopause.)

Sunshine Happiness Aromatherapy Bath Oil Recipe


10 drops Bergamot essential oil

10 drops Sweet Orange essential oil

5 drops Geranium essential oil

4fl oz (125ml) carrier oil of your choice, such as jojoba or grapeseed oil


Combine all the ingredients in a dark glass or PET plastic bottle. Store it in a cool, dark place (not your bathroom - it's too warm and humid.)

To use your aromatherapy bath oil, pour about a tablespoon into the bath after you've finished running the water. Click here for tips on how to take a perfect aromatherapy bath.

Handy Hint: This aromatherapy bath oil is excellent for alleviating acne. To boost its acne-fighting powers, use grapeseed oil as the carrier oil (it's astringent - helps tighten pores and reduce oil production.) Click here to learn more about using aromatherapy for acne.


Do not use this essential oil blend before sun exposure. Citrus oils are photo-toxic and you may get a sunburn. Click here for essential oil safety in pregnancy.

Where to Buy Aromatherapy Bath Oil Ingredients

My favorite supplier for aromatherapy recipe ingredients is Mountain Rose Herbs. I like their prices, their customer service and their quality. Here's some quick links to the ingredients you'll need for this recipe...

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