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Hair Conditioner Recipe Help

by Sheila
(Perth, Scotland)

Was very excited to try the Hair Conditioning recipe using Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, distilled water and Emulsifying Wax (I used Beeswax).

I followed the recipe exactly making sure I only heated the distilled water to 'luke warm'. Everything seemed fine until I started to add the warmed distilled water to the oil and beeswax combination. I used a metal whisk as instructed and very slowly added the distilled water. At first all seemed fine then suddenly with only half the water added the ingredients stopped blending together...(the water would no longer mix in with the rest of the solution). I did this twice and got the same result.
No good whatsoever.

My thinking is that with the water only being lukewarm, it cools the rest of the mixture too quickly and therefore the beeswax hardens. Can't think what else it could be.

Can you help please? I would love to make this successfully.

Kind regards,

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Perhaps... NEW
by: Laura

I've recently been making my own face cream successfully which makes me think I can give conditioner a try. I use nearly a cup of oil warmed w a tablespoon of beeswax. I let this mixture cool for several hours before using an emersion blender to add aloe gel, essential oils, & water all at room temp. It's lovely!! I too find that many ingredients found in lotion are found in conditioner & plan to adapt this formula & method for a great conditioner. Naturally, I would think that the oil to wax ratio would need more oil, less wax for a conditioner to be successful. Glad to hear that beeswax might still work out! Cocoa butter & coconut oil are more solid at room temp & seem like they would be excellent in extending the self life & improving the texture of a super rich conditioner. Good luck everyone!!

A Recipe to consider NEW
by: Sarah

1/2 cup coconut oil
4 tablespoons beeswax
1 tablespoon oil [I use olive oil

Over low heat, melt your beeswax and coconut oil.
Once melted remove from heat and add your oil, and mix thoroughly. Pour in your container and wait for it to solidify, then use.

This is also good for the skin and face.

You can change the coconit oil to shae butter, cocoa butter if you wish.

You don't need the water, the beeswax is all you need for moisturizing.

Emulsion NEW
by: Anonymous

I have just learned that Beeswax alone is not an emulsifier. And Borax alone is not an emulsifier. They must be used together. The ratio is the tricky part that I have yet found an answer to.

Beeswax is not an emulisifier NEW
by: Anonymous

The frustrations people are experiencing with beeswax and separation is because somewhere along the line, they've been led to believe that beeswax itself is an emulsifier, when it's not.

Beeswax on it's own is useless without its two other team mates, borax and liquid lecithin, to create a complete emulsification system.

Try blending:

80% beeswax
10% liquid lecithin and
10% borax

Hope this helps.

Dishsoap Hair Conditioner Recipe NEW
by: Kyley

Thanks for sharing what's working! What a surprise that dishsoap is the best emulsifier :)

Would you mind sharing your recipe? It sounds great!

Emulsifying NEW
by: Anonymous

Hey guys, I've been experimenting with making conditioner for over a month now. So far the best ingredient I've found to blend everything together into a smooth, creamy texture is...dishsoap. Dishsoap is made from natural ingredients, as long as it is completely dye & fragrance, free. It does contain negatively charged particles, but if you add enough oils it balances this out and doesn't leave your hair with static. Don't stop using the beeswax, though, as it is what adds a detangling effect. I'm trying to find something with no negative charge whatsoever, but nothing ever does the trick like the dishsoap.

Lotion recipe NEW
by: Anonymous

Alot of lotion recipes call for Bees wax, oil and water and they say to melt the beeswax and oil togather on low heat and heat the water to boil, when the two mixes are about the same tempature mix them together in a blender for a minutute then let it cool then blend it again for 2 minutes before transfereing into a bottle. If this works for lotion it should work for conditioners too. I am planing on making a conditioner with Coconut oil, Jojoba oil, and Moroccan Argan oil with Rosemary and Mint infused water for scent. I hope this will help.

Use Polysorbate 20 Instead NEW
by: Deborrah

of beeswax. It works much better as a binding emulsifier, and is a humectant so it draws moisture into the skin and/or hair. Its stable and the easiest thing for use for mixing butters and oils with watery substances. I know they sell it at because that's where I get mine (

Beeswax Emulsifying NEW
by: Kym

Did you add borax to the water phase? Try adding 5% of the total weight of beeswax for borax.

If the beeswax is 5% of your total recipe, then 5% of 5% is 0.38%. So you would use 5% beeswax and 0.38% of borax.

Beeswax/borax emulsification is tricky, because too much borax will make it gritty and too much beeswax will make it gloppy. So you may have to make adjustments.

I'm experimenting with cosmetics myself and I too am determined to use a more natural approach. I hope that this helps.

Hair Conditioner NEW
by: Sheila

Hi Martina,
I gave up with the Beeswax. I didn't want to purchase just any emulsifier as I want to keep my products Organic. I eventually found this place (in Scotland where I live) and bought their Organic Emulsifier which made a very successful conditioner.

I'm sure they'll post abroad, but perhaps that might be a tad expensive.

Here's the link anyways :)

beeswax NEW
by: Marina

Hi! I was looking into using beeswax as well to make conditioner and stumbled upon this website
He talks about how to use beeswax with borax and why it's so hard to make it work. Apparently it's a lot easier to use the emulsifying wax instead because beeswax can only handle up to a 50-50 oil-water ratio.
I haven't tried to make conditioner or shampoo yet, so if you do use the beeswax with borax, please let me know the results!

Emulsifying Wax for Lotion Recipes and Conditioners NEW
by: Kyley

Hi Sheila,

Yeah, that was my experience too. Try using this emulsifying wax from Mountain Rose Herbs.

Although it does come from plants, it's so processed that it's not considered "natural" anymore. I finally gave in and used it anyway because I was so frustrated with the separation problem. Now I justify it by saying I'm only using a little...

Hair Conditioner Recipe (using Beeswax) NEW
by: Sheila

Hello Kyley,
Well, eventually got round to trying the recipe again still using the Beeswax but heating the water to a much higher temperature. I thought it was working......but no.....just when I thought it about ready to put into bottles, it once again separated! Oh No!

Would you mind letting me know which emulsifier I should use instead of the Beeswax?

I would very much appreciate it :)

Many thanks


air Conditioning Recipe NEW
by: Sheila

Dear Kyley,

Thank you so much for getting back to me. I'm glad to hear I am not an utter failure and that I can in fact blame the tools! ;)

I will try again with the water fairly hot. If it doesn't work, would you mind letting me know what is the best emulsifier to use?

Thanks again.

It's great to get some input.

All the very best


Using Beeswax in the Conditioner Recipe NEW
by: Kyley

Hi Sheila,

The problem lies with the beeswax, as you suggested.

I stopped using beeswax as an emulsifier because I can never get it to work. Even if it works initially, I find that over time the water separates back out. I know that beeswax is a more natural emulsifier, but I just canNOT make it work.

It sounds like you're on the right track for figuring out the problem - maybe try heating the water to 'hot' and then just whisking your brains out??? Maybe try using an immersion blender or even an electric hand mixer.

Sorry I can't be of more help, and best of luck!!!

By the way, if you DO get it to work, would you mind letting me know what you did? I'll post it on the main recipe page for other folks as well.


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