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Q: Do you have a recipe for a conditioner bar?

A: Unfortunately, I don't have a recipe for a conditioner bar. I've tried a few shampoo bars and conditioners bars, and they either make my hair feel like straw or weigh it down so it looks flat and ugly.

I did find a website that sells natural shampoo and conditioner bars, so you might try making your own by adapting their ingredients list or simply buy them directly. Here's the website...

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful. Maybe sometime down the road I'll give shampoo and conditioner bar recipes another try...

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Conditioner bars
by: Anonymous has wonderful shampoo and conditioner bars!!!

Oily Shampoo Bars
by: Anonymous

Many handmade shampoo bars contain oils, and should not. Oils of any type weigh down the hair and is also difficult to rinse out, causing the hair to be and look greasy.

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