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Essential Oils for Deodorizing Chairs

by Yvonne


Would you have an aromatherapy solution to rid some upholstered chairs I bought on Kijiji? I really liked their shape and price(!) but they stink!


Hi Yvonne,

Hmmm... I can't believe I'm saying this, but here's what I'd do. I'd buy a bottle of Febreeze and, in the morning, take my chairs outside and spray them. I'd leave them outside all day to let the Febreeze dissipate into the air.

Then I'd make a spray with 1/2 cup of water with 8 drops each peppermint, lemon and citronella. Peppermint and citronella deodorize and lemon dissolves chemical compounds. After the chairs dry in the sun for a while I'd bring them in.

Here's why I'd use Febreeze even though I'm generally against using synthetic products... Febreeze was originally created as a deodorizer - and it worked - but nobody bought it until they added the fragrance. So the chemical composition really works - you just have to air out the fragrance that comes with it.

I hope that helps, Yvonne, and good luck!


By the way, if you want to learn some more nifty, super-easy ways to use Lemon and Peppermint, you might enjoy my eBook, the 5 Oils Toolkit :)

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