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Essential Oils for Carpet Stains and Pet Urine

by Lynette

Q: I moved and my pets marked their territory from whoever lived here before. I have tried everything and wondering if an essential oil would help with the stain and the smell.

A: You might find that baking soda mixed with Lemon essential oil gets rid of the odor and maybe reduces the stain. Here's what I suggest:

Mix 1/2 cup of baking soda with 30 drops of Lemon essential oil. Scrub it into the carpet and leave it for a couple of hours. Then rub in a little white vinegar so it foams up. Then rub it with clear water, wicking away the extra moisture with a dry cloth.

You might want to spot test a drop of Lemon oil on an unobtrusive area of the carpet first to make sure it doesn't suck the color out.

I hope that helps - good luck!!!

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