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Essential Oil Pain Relief Remedy for Horses

by Sonja
(New Prague, MN USA)

Q: I was told that a blend of cypress and peppermint is a good combination for the relief of muscle pain/strain. I want to use it on my performance horse but don't know how much of each I should use. I have a bottle of each. Also, do I need to use a carrier oil with the blend? Thanks!

A: My research shows a couple of things.

  1. Always let your horse choose if s/he wants the essential oils to be applied. Do this by putting a drop of the diluted oil (see below for dilution iinstructions) on your palm and letting your horse sniff or lick the oil from your hand. If s/he refuses, don't apply the treatment.

    Essential oils should never be forced on horses - it can actually cause a bad reaction, not the healing you want.

  2. Essential oils are for short-term use. If your horse still shows interest after two weeks, you should see a vet.

Here's where I got some good Aromatherapy Remedies for Horses: ... Scroll down the page to see the recipes. Here's 2 of them...

Joint Pain, Stiffness, and Lameness
100 drops juniper
50 drops lavender
50 drops chamomile

Blend with 2oz of Hazelnut, Pecan, or Fractionated Coconut Oil. Shake, cap, and label.
Use before retiring the horse if there is a problem. This blend applied in the morning can ease the pain and the horse will exercise and play which could cause damage. When there is no damage like rheumatism or lameness, it can be used before and after exercising.

Aches and Muscular Pain
100 drops sweet basil
50 drops chamomile

Blend with 2oz of Hazelnut, Pecan, or Fractionated Coconut Oil. Shake, cap, and label. This is a good blend to use as a warm-up. Good prevention of aches and inflammation.
Can be used before or after exercise.

So... from what my best reference book says and what my online research shows, it looks like using diluted Cypress and Peppermint would be okay - as long as you check with your horse first!

Here's what I would try:

Blend 25 drops of Cypress essential oil in 1 oz of sunflower or other carrier oil. Let your horse smell it on your hand. If s/he likes it, apply. Do the same thing with the Peppermint. Then, if you want, make up a bigger batch for future treatments.

I hope that helps. Good luck!

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