Vaporizer Aromatherapy Machines

Safe, Effective Essential Oil Diffusers

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If you want to scent your space without using candles, vaporizer aromatherapy machines are a safe, economical and practical alternative.

There are three basic types of this electric essential oil diffuser.

One type of aromatherapy vaporiser works by gently heating pads where you apply your essential oils, which slowly releases their scent. These are usually the least expensive electric diffusers you'll find.

A drawback to using heat for diffusion is that over time your essential oils can start to smell "cooked". Also, when the oils are heated, some of their therapeutic benefits are lost.

The second type of this essential oil diffuser uses a fan rather than heat to diffuse aromas.

Place a few drops of essential oil onto the aromatherapy vaporiser's pad, plug the unit in and turn it on. The fan creates a gentle breeze that carries the aroma through the room.

A down-side to using fans for diffusion is that no fan is completely quiet. If the background noise is going to bother you, use a different type of essential oil diffuser.

On the plus side, unlike essential oil nebulizers, both types of aromatherapy vaporiser work well with both thin and thick oils.

Where to Buy an Aromatherapy Diffuser

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Buying Diffuser Essential Oils

I recommend Mountain Rose Herbs for essential oils. Here's some quick links for buying essential oils for your diffuser.

And check out this economical electric diffuser - safe, economical and easy to use!

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