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Colour Changes in Homemade Soy Candlemaking

Why does some of the colour I add turn white in the drying process (only a small area)?

I use the same method every time and sometimes candles are perfect. I have now started to do melts and, as it is drying, white areas appear on the sides or on the top .

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Frosty look on candles NEW
by: Lulu

My soy candles set and are fine for a few days, then the top of them begins to have a 'frosty' appearance.

Do you know the cause or way to fix it?

Frosty Look on Soy Candles NEW
by: Kyley

Yep, that's true. I personally think it's a nice characteristic of soy wax, kind of like the "bloom" on beeswax.

It diesn't affect the burning at all.

Frosty Look on Soy Candles NEW
by: Linda

I have a frosty look on my candles. I have read this is a natural characteristic of natural soy wax and will not effect the burn of the soy candle.

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