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Chocolate Face Scrub Recipe

by Vanessa


You might be able to help. I have a list of ingredients to make a chocolate face scrub, which was hand made originally by a friend of mine, but we have lost contact with each other and I really want to make this scrub for myself but not sure of quantities needed for each ingredient. The ingredients in this scrub are:

Oat Powder
Organic cocoa powder
Brown sugar
White kaolin clay
Vegetable glycerin
Jojoba oil
Almond oil
Raw honey
Bourboun vanilla
Cocoa absolute
Apricot kernels

Can you help with how much I need of each... by the way, it smells so chocolaty and divine, and leaves my face silky smooth.


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Final results? NEW
by: New stylist

I am on needles and want to try this! Q. Can you replace the clay with cornmeal ? Also I didn't see the final answer, how your recipe turned out with all the suggestions?
United Staes,Mo

Where to find cocoa absolute NEW
by: Kyley

I think the best place to find this one is Here's a link to find Cocoa Absolute Oil.

Cocoa Absolute NEW
by: Rachael

Where do you get Cocoa absolute?

chocolate face scrub
by: gill

I have just tried this one out and liking it so much, thinking of making it into a theme:- face scrub, face moisturizer, body scrub, body butter/moisturizer all on the same theme. Will sell like hot cakes for christmas presents.

I can't believe how soft my face feels after using it just the once, it is wonderful.

I have messed around with the ingredients abit, and this is what i came up with;
2 tbsp oat powder
1 tbsp kaolin powder
1/2 tsp cocoa powder
1/2 tsp brown sugar
2 tsp jojoba oil
2 tsp almond oil
1 tsp honey

I haven't used apricot kernels or cardamon seeds as did not have any, but to be honest I felt for me there was enough exfoliation, but will add one of these next time and see what the difference is and let you know.

Sorry for not responding
by: Kyley

Sorry I haven't responded yet. My mother-in-law suddenly went into hospital for some serious health issues, and we're dealing with all of that.

Thanks, Louise, for responding to Vanessa's question. I haven't tried making the scrub yet, but your idea of increasing the honey sounds great.

I think things are going to be pretty difficult around here, so I'll likely be focusing on family stuff for a while. Vanessa, you might give the recipe a try, keeping in mind Louise's suggestions. Good luck, and I'm sorry to be so unhelpful just now.

My alteration to recipe
by: Louise

Hi Vanessa

I found when I made this scrub that I had to substancially increase the amount of raw honey in order to get a thick paste otherwise the mixture seperates & becomes thin & oily. I also increased the cardamom/sugar amounts as well so that it offered more exfoliation. A+ for face scrub ingredients Thanx

Kyley, How did your formulation turn out?
by: Vanessa

Hi Kyley, thanks for posting amounts reqd for each. I haven't made this yet as I still have another chocolate vanilla scrub I'm using, but am about to run out soon! Have you tried this yet with your calculated amounts? If so, did it come out as a thick yet creamy paste consistency?

Cardamom for Face Scrub Recipe
by: Kyley


Thanks for sharing such a fabulous idea - I never would have thought of grinding up cardamom, and I can see how it would add a whole new dimension of exotic to the recipe. Yummmmm!

Now I have to buy some cardamom :)

Vanessa, your recipe's a winner!

Thanks so much, everyone, for contributing to making this site better every time you post. Awesome!


Luv luv luv this
by: Anonymous

Soooooo chocolatey and yummy u just want to eat it & it makes ur face really nice n smooth

Absolutely the best face scrub!
by: Louise

I had to try this out for myself and I used a coffee grinder and grinder up some cardamom instead of using apricot kernels, and I have combination skin and after using this scrub a few times. Not only does it make my whole bathroom smell like baked dark chocolate and cardamom cookies but my blemishes began to heal up along with more refined pores and soft satin skin and that was overnight!!!! This ticks all the boxes for me and would have to be by far the best face scrub I've ever tried inc. purchased and home made. *****

Chocolate Face Mask Recipe
by: Kyley

Hmmm... Try this:

1/2 tablespoon oat powder
1/2 tablespoon kaolin clay
1/2 teaspoon cocoa powder
1/2 teaspoon brown sugar
1/2 teaspoon apricot kernels (might be too much???)
1 teaspoon jojoba oil
1/2 teaspoon almond oil
1/2 teaspoon vegetable glycerin
1/2 teaspoon honey
just a few drops up to 1/4 teaspoon vanilla
1 drop cocoa absolute essential oil

I haven't tested this yet - I have to pick up some more glycerin and almond oil, but I wanted to reply right away. I'll re-post once I've given the proportions a try. This recipe sounds AWESOME!!! Thanks for posting :)

Back soon with a smooth, sweet-scented face - and some comments...


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