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Candle Making Help - No Scent Throw

by Rebecca

I've experimented with different amounts of oil, I have a beautiful cold throw, but no hot throw when the candle is lit. Any ideas?

When the wax is poured onto the skin there is a great throw as well, but none from the actual candle when it is lit.

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Scent Throw Problems in Candle Making NEW
by: Kyley

Hi Rebecca,

You're not alone in having this problem. Here's the gist of what's in other posts with people having the same problem...

People using essential oils and people using fragrance oils have asked about it.

Some sources say it's because soy wax doesn't hold as high a percentage of fragrance as paraffin.

One source says the wax needs to be at 185F when the fragrance oil is added or it will not go into solution. The result is poor cold/hot throw and a candle with all the fragrance oil pooled at the bottom of the container.

Here's a link to some forum posts that might help...

Sorry I don't have any better answers :(

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