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Aromatherapy Smelling Salt Recipe

Hello, I have a question about getting a scent that is strong.

I want to have a scent that will help with alertness. Something that helps a person wake up.

I am considering getting Smelling Salt - Ammonia Capsules - which is the stuff that the police and movie cops use to wake up an unconscious person/suspect.

But I'm seeing these youtube videos, and apparently the stuff is very strong. I hear they are too strong and they stink.

If I could find a STRONG SCENT that will be potent enough to help with alertness it would be great. Any suggestions? Need help. Thanks.

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Rosemary Ginger Blend NEW
by: Kyley

That sounds awesome! I'll have to make one for road trips.

Smelling Salts NEW
by: Anonymous

Ginger and rosemary is what the company Aroma Vera sold in the 1990s and it was awesome - made one very alert and creative - I used to carry a small bottle to clubs and would use it, just inhale - amazing with a little trip hop playing in the background.

Adding essential oils to ammonia
by: Kyley

Hi Ann,

I'm not an expert, but I did some research and I don't see any evidence that mixing ammonia with essential oils is unsafe. That said, I wouldn't do it myself. I'd make a separate blend with strong essential oils and leave the ammonia smelling salts for emergencies.

Hope that helps!


How to make perfumed smelling salts
by: Anonymous

I have a bottle of strong amonia smelling salts and want to know whether by adding essential oils this will change the smell into something more palatable and will the salts work just as well if I do this. thanks, Ann

Alertness Recipe
by: Kyley

Here's a strong stimulating wake-up recipe you can try.

1. Get a small glass bottle or jar. You can even empty and wash something out like a spice jar or a small jam jar.
2. Pour in a couple of spoonfuls of salt.This can just be ordinary salt from the grocery store. Don't worry about measuring - this is not rocket science.
3. Go to a health food store and buy a bottle of rosemary, a bottle of eucalyptus and a bottle of peppermint essential oil. If you can't find a health food store, click on the links below to buy from my supplier.
4. Add 10 drops of rosemary essential oil, 10 drops of eucalyptus and 5 drops of peppermint into the salt. The bottles will have little droppers so the essential oil will come out one drop at a time.
5. Put the lid on and shake the jar really hard to mix. That's it! Sniff the salt whenever you need a boost of alertness.

Click here to buy rosemary essential oil:

Click here to buy eucalyptus:

Click here to buy peppermint:

Good luck!


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