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Aromatherapy Sleep Remedies for Toddlers

by Sense&Serenity

Can anyone give me suggestions of what essential oils could help my son sleep? He is 19 months old, so they obviously need to be safe for children. He takes an age to fall asleep - I sit in his room with him from ~7-11pm most nights until he eventually falls asleep.

I was thinking something to go in his bath and maybe in his room, either on a muslin or as a spray?

Thank you!

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Lavender for Babies
by: Kyley

Yep, that's safe. It's most important not to apply essential oils on babies' skin. At least not in proper dilution, and there's only a few that are safe at that.

But a room spray is fine, since you're not spraying the kid!

by: Anonymous

I read on the babycenter site when I was looking for the same thing that a mom sprayed something in her toddler's room with some lavender spray - I assume it would be nothing too close to him, just somewhere in the room, and it would be a spray (not straight lavender oil). Hopefully an aromatherapy expert will chime in (since I'm not) and let us know if a light lavender spray would be safe and efficacious! Good luck!

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