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Pendant Diffusers

If you're looking for a low-tech, inexpensive, purely practical little diffuser, I give you the perfect solution!

Handcrafted terra cotta, known for its absorbent properties.

The scents last for weeks.

Use them in your car, closet, bathroom, bedroom or office.

All you do is add a few drops of your favorite essential oil blend and enjoy.

I have one in my car (with a lemongrass blend) and one on my bedside table (with a lavender blend.)

At only $3 a piece, these nifty little pendants are a quick, easy way to get a scent fix. Give 'em a try!

aromatherapy lamp

Aromatherapy Oil Burners

The sweet little aromatherapy lamp that sparkles with scent!

Aromatherapy oil burners (also called aromatherapy lamps or candle diffusers) are one of the prettiest ways to scent your home.

They generally don't cost much, they sparkle with candle light, and they make your room smell warm and inviting.

Aromatherapy oil burners are easy to use, too. All you do is fill the bowl (top part) with water and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil or click here for some delicious aromatherapy diffuser blends.

Light the candle, put it under the bowl (in the bottom part) and mmmm... Your room is filled with scented bliss!

Use 5 to 15 drops of essential oil depending on the size of the room and how strong you want the aroma.

aromatherapy oil warmer

You can find aromatherapy oil warmers in every shape, size and style - from whimsical to modern to Asian-style - and sometimes just plain ugly! If you're on a tight budget, check out your local discount store - you can sometimes find plain ceramic candle diffusers for a price that won't break the bank.

Helpful Hint: Look for an essential oil burner with a deep bowl - you don't have to refill the water as often, and there's less danger of burning it dry. Remember to keep an eye on your aromatherapy lamp to make sure it doesn't run out of water over time.

Mountain Rose Herbs some nice essential oil burners. Click on the links below to check them out. They also carry high quality essential oils at very reasonable prices. (They're my favorite supplier.)

Here's some yummy essential oil recipes for your aromatherapy oil warmer... And don't forget, you can make your own soy tealights to burn with them!

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