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Mountain Rose Herbs is my most popular supplier.

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Ylang Ylang

Mountain Rose Herbs carries some very effective natural pain remedies. Try these...

Aches & Pains Massage Oil

Injur Heal Balm

Arnica & St. John's Wort Massage Oil

Aromatherapy Muscle Pain Recipes

Home remedy pain relief blends for muscle tightness, stiffness and inflammation

Use these aromatherapy muscle pain recipes to help reduce inflammation, ease pain and relax tight muscles. Not to mention cheering you up!

Pain relief remedies made with essential oils ease muscle pain and stiffness in two ways:

... Reduce inflammation (the cause of pain and swelling.)

... Sedate your nervous system and muscles, which helps ease pain sensation, muscular tension, cramps and muscle spasms.

Click here for a detailed look at how aromatherapy works.

Best Essential Oils for Muscle Pain, Stiffness and Tightness

Basil, cedarwood, chamomile, cinnamon, clary sage, coriander, cypress, eucalyptus, ginger, helichrysum, jasmine, juniper, lavender, marjoram, palmarosa, pepper, peppermint, rose, rosemary, thyme, vetiver, ylang ylang

Aromatherapy Muscle Pain Recipes: Bath Salts

Aromatherapy Bath Salts are a great home remedy for pain relief.

Epsom Salt is especially good because its mineral content reduces muscle pain and inflammation, helps muscles and nerves to function properly, and sedates the nervous system. That said, some sources say Epsom salt should be used with caution if you have high blood pressure. You could use Dead Sea salt instead.

If you don't have any aromatherapy bath salts on hand, simply dissolve two cups of Epsom Salt into your hot bathwater and then add one of the following aromatherapy muscle pain recipes:

Relaxing: 2 drops lavender, 1 drop chamomile, 1 drop rose OR palmarosa essential oil
Good for stress-related pain.

Energizing: 2 drops eucalyptus OR Rosemary, 1 drop palmarosa, 1 drop peppermint
Good for pain and stuffiness due to colds. Don't use this recipe if you have high blood pressure.

Warming: 2 drops ylang ylang, 1 drop ginger, 1 drop pepper
Good for stress-related pain where you just can't warm up.

Spicy: 2 drops coriander, 1 drop ginger, 1 drop jasmine OR ylang ylang
Good for pain and nausea due to illness.

Swish the water round a little to disperse the oils and then slide in. Click here for tips on how to take a perfect aromatherapy bath. You should wait until the initial inflammation has subsided before soaking in a hot bath.

Where to Buy Essential Oils

One of my go-to suppliers is Mountain Rose Herbs. Their quality is good and very reasonably priced, and their staff is deeply committed to planet-friendly practices. Here's some quick links to the essential oils and other stuff you'll need for your aromatherapy muscle pain recipes...

If you have Amazon Prime, you can have everything you need delivered right to your door - no trips to the supermarket, no shipping costs, just pure convenience! I've added links to some good pain relief oils - poke around on Amazon for everything you need...

Aromatherapy Muscle Pain Recipes: Arnica Cream

You can use massage to 'spot treat' sore joints or muscles (such as knees or hands) by gently rubbing a therapeutic massage oil into the affected area. (Try rubbing it into your lower abdomen if you have period cramps.)

You can also use it as a whole body massage oil for all-over aches and pains, such as when you have the flu or you've over-worked your muscles.

Either way, you'll find that not only is your pain eased but your mental and emotional state will be calmed and balanced as well, which makes it easier to cope with pain generally. So even if you're still a bit sore, you'll feel better anyway!

Herbal Pain Remedies

Of course, you can use more than just aromatherapy muscle pain recipes to help ease your aches, pains and stiffness. In fact, aromatherapy often works best when used together with other healthy choices such as gentle excercise and herbal remedies for pain.

Herbal pain remedies are convenient, easy to use and effective. Mountain Rose Herbs makes some excellent massage oils, pain relieving herbal oils and salves.

Aches & Pains Massage Oil
A deeply penetrating, soothing herbal oil for relief from fatigue and stiffness.

Injur-Heal Balm
Use immediately after a hard workout or an injury to prevent, relieve and reduce swelling, bruises, sore muscles and general aches and pains. Great for athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, and those who take part in strenuous activities.

Arnica Massage Oil
Use on bruises, strains, general aches, and after strenuous exercise. A wonderful way to treat your sore, tired body, best reserved for times of "severe need".

More Aromatherapy Muscle Pain Recipes

Lavender Bath Oil
Good for cold or flu induced aches and pains. Helps you get a good night's sleep, while also easing sore, achy muscles and breaking up congestion.

Eucalyptus Epsom Salt Bath
Helps relieve pain by reducing inflammation, relaxing tight muscles and lifting mood. Also good for stuffy noses and chest congestion.

Therapeutic Massage Oil
Formulated for pain due to arthritis, exercise, falls, colds and flu, as well as general muscle stiffness. Helps relax tight muscles, reduce inflammation (pain and swelling) and soothe the nervous system.

Lavender Massage Oil
For stress, insomnia, anxiety and pain. The calming, pain relieving effects of lavender provides deep, restorative relaxation.

Headache Pain Remedies
Natural pain remedies for easing the pain, nausea and other symptoms of tension headaches, sinus headaches and migraines.

Aromatherapy Stress Remedies
Pain is often caused by stress as we tense our muscles against the frustrations of the day. These remedies can be a gentle, effective way to "get off the ride", relax and let go of the day's aches and pains.

In addition to aromatherapy muscle pain recipes, here's another resource to help you along the way to a pain-free life...

Natural Pain Relief Guide
Aimed mainly at chronic pain sufferers, this site provides natural treatments and simple lifestyle measures to achieve pain management without drugs.

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