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Aromatherapy for Menopause and Migraines

by Cinde


I am trying to find an essential oil blend for menopause and migraines. Any suggestions?


Hi Cinde,

Good question! Obviously, you need something that's going to help balance your hormones while also relieving migraine pain. Hmmm...

Try a blend of 2 drops each Clary Sage, Roman Chamomile, Frankincense, Lavender and Peppermint diluted in 1/2 ounce (15ml) carrier oil (grapeseed is nicely non-greasy). Rub a bit of the oil on the back of your neck and behind your ears.

Also use it on the bottoms of your feet at night to help you sleep and balance your hormones at the same time.

If you buy doTERRA essential oils, you can use that blend undiluted, which gives it that much more strength. Most brands are unsafe to use undiluted, but doTERRA's are pure, clean and safe. They're what I personally use and recommend for people who need their oils to do something more than just smell nice.

Here's a link to doTERRA if you're interested. Click on "Shop for Products" in the top right corner, enter your country on the next screen, click through and then click on "Single Oils" to find the Clary Sage, etc.

Contact me if you'd like to know how to get the oils at wholesale prices - I can make that work for you :)

If price is more important than quality right now, I suggest Mountain Rose Herbs who have good oils at terrific prices.

You may have to experiment as you see how this blend works for you. Everbody's chemistry is different (and changes from day to day) so sometimes you have to tweak to get things working perfectly.

Comment on this post if you have questions or if you need some more ideas as you go along. I'm always glad to help!

Best of luck :)


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