Aromatherapy Benefits

Learn about healing with essential oils and get the benefits of aromatherapy every day


Aromatherapy benefits us in so many ways.

From acne to depression to stress relief (and everything in between) aromatherapy offers an effective natural alternative to drugs to support our everyday health and happiness.

Aromatherapy benefits have been used since ancient times to help people cope with countless ailments, and aromatherapy is still going strong today - because it works! Click here to learn more about the history of aromatherapy.

Science Proves the Benefits of Aromatherapy

In modern times, scientists have studied healing with essential oils and documented positive results on many health issues, including:

     Colds and flu

       Sleep problems

       Stress-related disorders

       Digestive disorders

     Weight loss

       Skeletal, joint and muscle pain

Click here for a chart showing effects of aromatherapy on various health problems.

As aromatherapy becomes more widely accepted in Western culture, more studies will be conducted, adding further scientific proof of essential oils benefits. Which many people have known all along!


Top Three Aromatherapy Benefits

Aromatherapy benefits us in three main ways.

  1. Kills Germs. Antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal.
  2. Relieves Pain. Reduces inflammation, pain, redness and swelling.
  3. Relaxes and Sedates. Relaxes muscles, calms nerves and lifts mood. Relieves stress.

Click here for an in-depth explanation of how aromatherapy works.

Healing with Essential Oils
How to Use Aromatherapy at Home


This is the surprisingly easy (and fun) part! Aromatherapy fits beautifully into nearly every aspect of our daily lives.

Wake yourself up in the morning with an energizing peppermint shower gel...

Plug in your aromatherapy car diffuser and inhale a happy essential oil diffuser blend on your drive to work...

Light some soy aromatherapy candles at dinner time...

End your day with a long, hot aromatherapy bath or just rub a lavender massage oil onto your torso and tumble into bed...

It's that easy!

Plus, there's a million more aromatherapy recipes (too many to list here!) Take a look around the site to find some quick, easy and fun aromatherapy recipes you can make yourself.

And then use them every day to support your health and happiness!

Aromatherapy Remedies

Of course it's smart to use aromatherapy to help cope with minor health problems. This is not to say that aromatherapy can "cure" any health condition, and it shouldn't take the place of appropriate medical care. Click here for full disclaimer.

That said, aromatherapy is an excellent natural support for everyday health concerns such as acne, headaches, insomnia and stress, to name just a few.

Take a look at the Aromatherapy Remedies section for some aromatherapy recipes you can use any time a minor health problem comes up.

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