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Aroma Room Spray Help

My aroma room sprays are smelling kind of old and moldy. I use pure essential oils and distilled water as a base.

Is it possible that my oils are just too old? Is it something about the distilled water? I have been checking the ingredients of other sprays and it looks like they use purified water. Any suggestions?

Thank you!


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vodka NEW

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Room Spray Help
by: Kyley

He Genevieve,

I'm not sure why your room sprays are going moldy. How old are they? If your essential oils are old then they could have lost their potency, especially the citrus oils. You might need to replace them.

You could also try adding a tablespoon or two of vodka or rubbing alcohol to the room spray - they helps kill bacteria.

Another idea is to make a smaller amount and then make new batches more frequently so there's less time for mold to grow. Sanitize your spray bottle between batches.

I hope that helps, and good luck!


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