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Antiaging Facial Recipes

by Hope Shuert

I'm 38 and I look WAYYY older because my skin is super dehydrated and nothing soaks in!

Ok, so I've tried making a facial serum using almond oil, coconut oil, carrot seed extract, rosehip oil.

I've also made a butter using cocoa butter, illipe butter, kokum butter, shea butter, beeswax, vitamin e, and some essential oils.

I'm now taking vitamin A and E supplements and drinking so much water to try and rehdrate my skin.

HELP! Nothing seems to be working. The serum and the butter just sit on my skin. My back is itchy, scalp is itchy, dry skin flakes everywhere, face is tight, looks so dry, looks so wrinkled and old. This seems to be getting worse each winter especially as I get older.

What can I do? I think I need a lotion maybe instead of a butter? But what lotion do I make to help me out? Any ideas, recipes, help, ANYTHING...

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Certain Ingredients NEW
by: SS

In a good way

you really have to know what you are doing because

ingredients like essential oils, cocoa butter,

beeswax and rosehip oil are irritating and can

cause drying and burning which is described on

many internet pages.(Essential oil can burn)

I have sensitive dry skin and have broke out

from the uses of ingredients you have listed

directly after use, they also dry out your skin

especially if they are mixed with non natural

fragrances and chemicals. Look for usage guides

Coconut Oil NEW
by: Christine J

Have you tried Coconut oil? Start off with plain Coconut oil and use it as a cleanser and also as a moisturiser. Use it for cooking too.
This is a great oil that does sink in, don't use too much, but stroke it over your skin before the shower and after the shower.
Do this for about a month before you try other things. Once you are starting to see results feel free to use it as a base for a body scrub or to add essential oils to create a personal fragrance, try mixing it with Shea Butter or Cocoa Butter or Almond oil, or indeed any other natural butter or oil that appeals to you.

Be sure to use pure coconut oil,not fractionated. You can buy it in tubs at a health food store or online. It is solid below room temperature and liquid at room temperature.

I hope this helps you. I used to have dry,itchy skin and oily facial skin and it has normalised my skin. Fingers crossed this works for you too.

Dead Sea salts and mud NEW
by: Janis

You can get dead sea salts and mud-both very nourishing for skin-from Great prices for them and also for essential oils, homemade beauty product ingredients, etc! Enjoy!

Water! Fruits and Vegetables response NEW
by: Hope Shuert


Thanks for the input. I am a healthy eater/drinker (lots of alcohol) and I exercise 4-5 times a week. I know part of the problem is that I have always suffered from dry skin, and when I was younger enjoyed the sun too much without sunscreen. So, now I'm trying to rejuvenate my skin. I always use sunscreen now and wear a hat. I actually have found kukui nut oil with a mixture of vitamin e oil, carrot seed EO, and borage seed oil is doing wonders!! Thanks for the response! :)

Water! Fruits and Vegetables NEW
by: Cynthia

Your problem just may be what you eat along with your PH balance. We are so busy trying thing out on our bodies until we forget about what we put in it. I don't know what your day to day diet consist of, but you may want to start there. Foods we eat can cause our skin to suffer, hair to thin thus making us appear older. Drink more water, cut out the soda, coffee and alcohol, if this is part of your life style. Water and juice , green leafy vegetables and supplements should do you fine. You should see a big difference in your shin, hair, nails and energy if you change your diet. I'm optimistic!

tips from an esthetician NEW
by: amanda

I'm a licensed facialist, excema & psoriasis sufferer, and a mom of two little boys with skin issues...... The best thing for us seems to be pure emu oil. It is the most amazing stuff. I'd highly recommend it. It's a creamy oil that sinks right in & can be used on cuts/scrapes/burns, even on lips! I use it as a facial moisturizer twice daily. Just Great Stuff!!!
Hope it helps you.... I like to use straight or mix it with apricot kernal oil or other light oils such as grapeseed or sweet almond oil. (I don't like the greasy feeling of olive oil on my face)

skin help NEW
by: sparrow

The best thing I've ever found for extra dry, itchy & flaky skin is jojoba oil. It's actually a plant wax, and its structure is very similar to our own skin's sebum, so it actually does penetrate and nourish the skin. It keeps my eczema from becoming troublesome, and my fingertips from splitting in the winter. I find it works best mixed with almond oil which is smoother to apply. Straight jojoba works fine for smaller areas but is a little harder to apply without the carrier oil.

The other thing I've discovered is a candida overgrowth in my system, which caused a myriad of symptoms; one of them is skin issues. Google it, and see what you find. There's a simple saliva test you can take. Threelac works best for treatment. Good luck...

Antiaging Facial Recipes NEW
by: Sheila

Poor you! That's a pity about the Olive Oil. It has been so good for my skin.

Have you written out psoriasis or maybe even an allergy? Doesn't sound right at all that your face should be constantly flaking.

If it is psoriasis, eczema or something similar, Neem is very good for soothing and even eliminating.

I have a customer who works in a take away and is constantly washing his hands. This resulted in sore flaky peeling hands. He now uses my Neem soap along with my Neem moisturiser and he tells me that it keeps it away, although if he stops using it, it comes back. But of course, I think it returns because he starts using the chemical soap cleansers which are no doubt the root of the problem.

You say you think it is your age, but 38 is still a long way of from hormones going crazy.

Sorry I can't help further.

Hopefully someone can!


Anti-aging spray NEW
by: Rebecca

Have you tried rosewater and glycerine? You can get it pre-mixed at Whole Foods, or you can go to an international market, purchase food quality rosewater - and purchase the vegetable glycerine separately (At Whoke Foods - or any health food store). Mix it yourself. Spray on face after bathing, washing etc.

Thanks NEW
by: Hope Shuert

I've tried the olive oil, but again my skin just seems to not soak it in. It ends up feeling tight and gets flaky within 30 minutes of application, but when I feel my skin I can feel the olive oil on there. I will try the body scrub though. Where do you get Dead Sea salt?? I also have Vitamin E so I'll try that as well on specific spots. I'm sure my age has something to do with all this...hormone changes, etc. but this is just crazy! ;)

Antiaging Facial Recipes NEW
by: Sheila

Have you tried Olive Oil? I would buy a good organic virgin oil. You can add some essential oils that are good for the skin if you want or just use it neat.
Very simple.....wet your hands and then add a small drop of oil into your hands, rub hands to distribute the oil and wash you your face with it!
You can leave it on a few minutes if you like before rinsing. Olive Oil wont clog your pores. You may think it will feel greasy, but it wont! Olive Oil is a cleanser and so will cleanse the skin but at the same time leave it moisturised.
For the body, I use Organic Dead Sea Salt Body Wash and once a week I scrube with a home made body scrub made with Organic Virgin Olive OIl, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Vitamin E Oil and Dead Sea, salts. I see a big improvement and it feels so nice and natural.
A drop of Vitamin E oil directly on any particularly dry flaky parts should also be helpful.
If you try it, let me know how you get on.:)
Kind regards,

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