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Easy Aromatherapy Recipes

Fun, free essential oil recipes for body,
home and health (and a really good time!)

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If you haven't tried making your own scented lotions and potions yet, you're in for a treat!

You're about to find out that it's tremendously rewarding - and a lot easier than you might think - to make your own bath salts, body oils and skincare stuff (especially when you have a few easy aromatherapy recipes to follow!)

... And if you have cooked up your own scented goodies already, you know the magic of creating the perfect aromatherapy blend for your new batch of soap or scented candles or... whatever!

What's So Great About Essential Oil Recipes?

Here's a few things you've gotta love about using essential oils recipes to make your own aromatherapy goodies:

  • They're pretty.
  • They're practical.
  • They smell FABULOUS! (Synthetic fragrances just can't touch natural scents. I promise - once you get hooked on essential oils, you'll never go back to fake stuff again!)
  • They're made with healthy, natural ingredients - you know, because you chose them!
  • They have healing powers. (It's true - essential oils relieve pain, stress, acne, they kill germs...)
  • They save you money. (Think age-defying face cream - $$$)

And plus, you get to PLAY! Using these easy aromatherapy recipes to make your own essential oil goodies at home is a great way to give yourself a break - play-time and down-time all in one magical package. Think about it...

Play Time with Aromatherapy Home Recipes

bath salt aromatherapy recipe First, you get your fun time making your scented goodies - mixing, stirring, smelling...

(And I can tell you from experience that as you get more comfortable, you'll get more adventurous with experimenting and creating new aromatherapy blends, and the rewards are even more satisfying!)

Then, you get your 'down' time when you actually use your aromatherapy masterpiece... (These rewards are pretty darn satisfying too!)

  • Half an hour in a hot bath melting away stress and tension with your handmade aromatherapy bath salts...

  • WAY more than half an hour at home with your partner and your own custom-blended aromatherapy massage oil!..

  • A lovely evening with friends over for dinner... the warm, relaxed mood set by your personally handcrafted aromatherapy candles...

  • Ten minutes for a quiet cup of tea while your cranky kids soak up some sleepy-time bubble bath salts... And then tumble peacefully into bed! (My sister swears by this!)

Once you try making a few of these easy aromatherapy recipes, you'll be hooked!

But wait, there's more...

Easy Aromatherapy Recipes for Natural Health

essenital oils recipes Aromatherapy home recipes are good for more than just a fun time.

You can use aromatherapy to help with everything from acne to depression to weight loss. Not to mention stress relief!

Be sure to check out the Aromatherapy Remedies section for essential oil recipes that will help you and your family thrive.

Or visit the Homemade Cleaners page to get some great natural germ-killing aromatherapy recipes to clean just about every area of your house.

And hey, check out this video - way cool!

Don't Miss a Recipe!

I'm experimenting with new aromatherapy home recipes all the time and posting the successes on this site. So check back often or subscribe to my RSS feed or like my Facebook page so you don't miss any of the new arrivals.

You'll also want to check out the Aromatherapy Tip of the Week!

Got questions or comments about aromatherapy recipes? Send me a message. Don't be shy - I LOVE talking with anyone interested in essential oils!

herbal tea Grab a cup of tea and get comfortable while you browse through the recipes. If you love creating aromatherapy products as much as I do, you're going to be here awhile!

How to Find Aromatherapy Recipes

Looking for aromatherapy recipes with a certain essential oil in them? Simply use the search box below.

For example, to find aromatherapy recipes containing lavender, type in "lavender" (without the quotes) and hit Search.

Every page on this website that includes the word Lavender will pop up. Poke through them and decide what recipe to try next.

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Reader Reviews

Kyley, thank you so such for your website. Now I can make my own products for my kids and save money doing it.

I have a family of five, and they can go through a lot of products, and I'm pinching pennies.

Now I have a way out, thanks to you and your wonderful website. Thanks and may God bless.


Thanks Rosie! Click here to add your own review.

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  • How to use the Rule of Three.
  • How to create essential oil blends for body, bath and home
  • How to mix essential oils for health. Includes 12 pages of health problems and the correct oils to care for them.

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Reader Reviews

I am so happy to have come across your website.

I run a small Home Cleaning business and try to use my homemade products as much as possible.

Thanks for the new ideas. Keep up the good work.

Your new fan!


Thanks Bridget! Click here to add your own review.

I wrote this eBook to simplify making your own Aromatherapy Remedies at home. It focuses on 5 oils:

Lavender, Lemon, Oregano, Peppermint & Tea Tree.

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"I'm re-reading your book today. You really did a great job! Totally enjoyable and easy to read." Lisa

"PHENOMENAL!!! I'm new to essential oils - thank you so much for your book which is a gift to me and I know to so many more." Mary

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